Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green!

This week is all about color. For an extra challenge, create a gallery.

What can be more green than fresh and wet grass.

Drops on a leaf.
Drops on a leaf.

Or a leaf shining with rain drops on it.


Photo Challenge: Atop

This week, head to the top to take your best shot.

July 11 of 2016 was the first day of the new semester and we rarely attend the first day of college. But this time we did attend for a mere one hour and then went about trekking on a nearby hill. It was drizzling all the while and we all were coated in a mixture of drizzling water and our own sweat. I took this shot when we were finally atop the hill, resting and enjoying the scenes.


Do What You Can’t

A very inspiring short film for content creators by content creators. Made by Casey Neistat and Max Joseph. A must watch!


Nintendo Switch Facts

I like the way Nintendo has designed the Switch. It’s all about playing with friends and family. I mean yes, you can play alone if you want to but having someone else is always much more fun. I don’t know how the Switch will be received by the masses but personally, I think it’s a great console with so much versatility and portability.

Also, I am amazed at how Nintendo has made the game cartridges for the Switch fully kid-proof. Don’t get what I mean? Watch the video. 😉

Why Is My Domain Name “turboblaze09”?

Actually, it was an accident. I had never intended to name my domain that but due to some “mistouching” and the super buggy Internet Explorer on my phone two and a half years ago this happened.

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Relatable Post #3

One of the worst/boring things about school was the morning assembly.


Photo Challenge: Shadow

This week, grab your camera and capture a shadow.

I clicked this photo while I was just clicking random pictures in the parking lot of the Ajanta Caves near Aurangabad, MH, India. I was clicking photos of trees, cars, hawkers when I saw my own shadow. So, here is it.

Private Classes

“You don’t go to private classes? You are such a stupid person”, is what you’ll hear students here talk when they find someone that doesn’t go to private classes after school or college hours. The mentality of almost all the parents nowadays is that if their child doesn’t go to private classes, he/she can never excel in academics. Let alone excellence, they feel that their children will not be even able to pass the exams.

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Society is a place where people will call you abnormal if you are not like them. That’s more like peer pressure, isn’t it?

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John has three apples; he gives two to his friend. Calculate the volume of the sun.

Baffled? That’s how unrelated our vivas can be. They can ask you anything and mostly you’ll find yourself sitting speechless.

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