Nokia Lumia 520 review

I had bought the Lumia 520 back in August 2013 and I’m using it since then without having any issues with it. Here, I am going to give my review and experiences with it.


Nokia Lumia 520 design
Nokia Lumia 520 design

The overall design of the 520 is great. It is a little boxy and feels good in the hand. It’s back cover is removable which is quite good in case you want to remove or exchange the battery. There are three physical buttons which are only on the right side of the device. The volume control on the top, the power button in the middle and the two step camera shutter button on the bottom. The build quality of the back cover is not quite good but since it is an affordable phone, Nokia has done well.


The Lumia 520 has a 4″ IPS LCD display with WVGA 480×800 resolution and a pixel density of somewhere around 235 ppi. With the display I have had no issues, it is great.


With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 1 Ghz dual-core processor it is quite fast. I don’t know why people ask for more processor when even this is enough. My phone never hanged or lagged. Games also work quite good. The only thing that should have been more is its 512MB RAM (which Nokia did in the Lumia 525). Some games that need 1 GB or more of RAM don’t run on this phone.

A battery of 1430 mAh packs lot of juice which can keep going for more than a day.


Nokia Lumia 520 camera
Nokia Lumia 520 camera

A camera having 5 mega pixels is decent enough for normal photography but I would advise you to carry with you another camera for some heavy-duty photography. It has no LED flash though which is one downside when it comes to low-light photography.

The video capturing is much better. With 720p 30 fps recording, it sometimes comes handy when you want to record something and you don’t have a camera around you.


In short, it is loud and great.

Other features

Other features that you all probably know are Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n and No NFC.
It includes some great apps like HERE Maps, HERE Drive which provide truly offline map navigation, Nokia Camera which is a combination of the former Pro Cam and Smart Cam.

The Windows Phone has 200,000+ apps to choose from. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. integrate seamlessly into the OS.

You can find the full specifications here.

My Verdict

If you are in search of a cheap and affordable Windows Phone, this is the phone for you. But if you plan on buying some high end phone, then you can go for some of the higher end Lumias. I have been using it for almost an year and for me, I think it is a pretty decent phone. Good job Nokia.


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