Finders, Keepers?

Daily Prompt – While walking on the beach you stumble on a valuable object buried in the sand — say, a piece of jewellery or an envelope full of cash. What do you do with it? Under what circumstances would you keep it?

Finding a valuable object is rather a very rare incident. Very few times have I something buried in the sand or just lying on the road. But out of those few times most were just objects of no importance to me.

Well, to consider that if when walking I stumble upon a valuable object buried in sand, I would first and foremost try to find its owner. Many a times it happens that people in hurry drop their things and never know about them until they reach their destination and try to find it just to see that they lost it. So I would be happy if I could find the owner of the object so as to return it to him. If I couldn’t find the owner, I would think if I could use object (and even return it to the owner if I find him someday) and if I cannot, give it someone who could utilize it without wasting it.

That’s what I would do if I found an object or anything valuable. What would you do?


9 thoughts on “Finders, Keepers?

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