Favourite Mistake

Daily prompt – Is there a mistake you’ve made that turned out to be a blessing — or otherwise changed your life for the better? Tell us all about it.

A month ago, in an examination hall I was solving multiple choice questions. These type of questions have four options of which exactly one is correct. The options have small circles besides them and the correct one has to be completely darkened. The catch: if I darken more than one, the answer is treated incorrect; if I don’t darken any one, still it is deemed incorrect.

I was tackling the questions one-by-one calmly. But my calmness was too calm I think, because I didn’t notice at all how the time went by. Only ten minutes remained and I had 20  questions to solve. Half a minute for each question. I started solving each one rapidly and kept darkening a circle at each question. But then I made a mistake. “Oh, how could I do that”, I thought. I had in hurry darkened some other circle except the one I wanted to. The exam concluded and I walked home dejected at the my mistake.

A few days later, the answer key was published on the internet. I was curious to check my results. Checking each and every question I reached that question which I had wronged. To my surprise, it was right. I checked it not once, twice but thrice. I realised that my method of solving that question was wrong. To me, my mistake was clearly a boon.


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