The drowsy cat

Daily Prompt – Today, you can write about whatever you what — but your post must include, in whatever role you see fit, a cat, a bowl of soup, and a beach towel.

“Have you packed everything?”, asked my mom as I was packing everything for tomorrow’s picnic to the beach. “Yes, just the beach towel remaining. I am not able to find it.”

“Oh! Here it is”, said mom and handed over to me the beach towel taking it out from one cupboard (I’m sure I searched that cupboard, how did she find it? Well, moms are always moms).

Just then, Whoosh. There jumped my little kitty onto the beach towel. It seemed like she enjoyed the towel. It was soft and comfy. Then you know what cats often do, sleep. In a moment she was asleep. All the while me and my mom stared at her in amazement.

“Let her sleep. Anyways, she does nothing but sleep. I have laid bowls on the table. The soup will be ready in 2 minutes. Let’s enjoy that and then lets watch the World Cup. It’s Argentina vs. Belgium,,,,”, talking this and that and other things we finished our soup with great delight.

I am awaiting the Argentina’s match. What about you? Who do you support?


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