The Mumbai Monsoons

Monsoon. The most awaited part of the summer season every year. The winter is not as important as the people here treat the monsoons. When it’s summer, the scorching heat almost kills the people here and you could hear everybody shouting, “When will the monsoon come?”

Mumbai local
Mumbai Suburban trains during monsoon

But here it is, it has come. But late. Every year it used arrive by the start of June; but this time we the Mumbaikars had to tolerate the blazing heat for an extra one month. The monsoon came by the start of July. It seems like the monsoon mistook the month for 07 instead of 06. Anyways, better late than never. At least it came.

The people here, before monsoon, curse the summer season and during monsoon curse the monsoon (not all people, though). Monsoon brings equal amounts of solutions and problems. It relieves us all of the heat that we have to bear with all the summer (4 months are too much!) but on the other hand it rains so much; it blocks some of the major transport facilities. The Mumbai Suburban Locals that you would have heard of, run slowly cutting the water that accumulates over the railway lines. When that happens, you could hear all the maledictions the daily commuters pour upon the monsoon (and the railway, of course).

The monsoon first showered its blessings on 1 July. I was here, writing some prompt from the Daily Post while I could hear voices of children playing outside. They always play in the rain (the enjoyment of playing in the rain is something divine for them). My phone was ringing, friends were calling, inviting me to hang out with them in the first rain. “I am busy”, I replied and cancelled the call. The first rains of monsoon always bring the acids trapped in the atmosphere just above us and I would at no cost risk my health. I would like myself baigne in some other rain.

The showers of monsoon immediately cool down the atmosphere and the blowing of cool winds commence. The electricity consumption goes down since everybody stops running their air conditioners all day long. Even though the consumption goes down, we still face power outages because of the occasional thunderstorms here.

One thing that all Indians do in the rain is, eat pakoras while watching the rain and enjoying the cool atmosphere. The pakoras feel somewhat more tasty in monsoon than in other parts of the year.

During the monsoon, you can see all types of hawkers in Mumbai selling all types of different umbrellas, raincoats, gumboots and all the other monsoon-specific things. In the most crowded regions of Mumbai (like Dadar), one can see the large flock of umbrellas instead of people. “Get out of the way”, “Sorry”, “Can’t you see and walk”, “Don’t you even know how to handle a umbrella”, are all sorts of voices you could hear when you walk through those crowded streets and your umbrella just keeps tangling among the other umbrellas.

But Mumbaikars are Mumbaikars. Even though the monsoon gives them problems they will still love it and await its arrival every year. Monsoon is the best part of the year.


7 thoughts on “The Mumbai Monsoons

  1. I love the picture, 🙂 and yes one extra month of sultry, humid heat, before the rains arrive, all in a furor to make up for lost time.
    FYI, I wrote a post on the first rains too…except mine was on a different tone than yours 😉


  2. Very good and informative post bhai. Here in Karachi still there is no rain and even if it rains it’s not that heavy rain at all. And yes we also eat pakoras and samosas with chatni and all. 🙂 We both the nations have things that are quite same.. No? 🙂
    Keep writing dude..


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