No prompt today?

It’s 16:00. I wake up from my afternoon nap. Freshen up myself. Sit on the computer. See my blog stats.

It’s 17:29. I prepare myself for the next daily prompt. In my time zone the prompts update at 17:30.

The clock hits 17:30. I load the The Daily Post page. No prompt. I wait.

It’s 17:31. I reload the page. Still no prompt. I wait.

It’s 18:00. Still no prompt.

WHERE ARE YOU, BEN HUBERMAN? WHERE IS THE PROMPT? I wonder. Maybe he has gone fishing without his watch and has probably (surely) forgotten to add a prompt. Maybe he his out somewhere out having a picnic. Or maybe the Daily Prompts have been stopped. NOOO!!! It would be a nightmare. Why would the daily prompts stop?

Calm down. Nothing so. I think he probably has forgotten to update the prompt. Or maybe it really stopped.

It’s 20:45 when I write this and there is still no prompt. Let’s wait till tomorrow. Huh…


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