Wearable tech

The advent of computers started with the basic calculator and has now encompassed the whole world. The computers in the olden times used to be large in size. They usually used up a whole room and compulsorily required an AC to keep the (very inefficient processors) cool.

Overtime, the computers got smaller and smaller in size until they could fit your hands. Yes, the smartphones. The smartphones are quite small compared to previous huge computers and could do all types of works. From basic calculations to connecting yourself to the internet and other people.

Now the trend has gotten even smaller. The smartwatches that could fit in your wrist like a wristwatch. It all started with the Pebble smartwatch. Then big companies started undertaking the same trend.

The latest smartwatches like the LG G Watch and the Moto 360 which were showed off on the Google I/O 2014 can do all sorts of things. Notify you about incoming texts & calls, even respond to them, tell you the weather, control the music in your headphones, search on Google and many other things.


The answer is simply your opinion. But my personal opinion is, “Why is there a need to invest in the smartwatches when one can just get a smartphone instead”. A smartphone has more power, more capabilities and can do things smartwatches can’t do. The price of the Moto 360 will be around $300 to $400 which is almost of a good smartphone.

You could give it a thought and see how useful will it be to you. It surely shows us how much advanced we are in terms of technology. The wearable technology is great. I mean it is handy to have incoming texts straight on your watch. But it is also handy to slip your hands into your pocket reach your smartphone.

The major problem that I saw with these smartwatches was their battery life. They could barely run for more than 2 days though Google has done a great job designing the dedicated smartwatch OS ‘Android Wear’ which is smartwatch optimised.

The most handy feature of these tiny devices is that they do have a fitness tracker as well as a heartbeat sensor packed into them to monitor your fitness regimes.

The advancement of science in wearable technology is very notable. Even though I am not so lazy a person to use a watch instead of a phone, I would consider buying a smartwatch in the (far) future when they would become more efficient. Maybe quantum technology can do the trick. Maybe we’ll see smartwatches in the future instead of normal wristwatches. Wristwatches would become an history then. Let’s see.

What are your thoughts? Express in the comments.


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