My New Playground

Daily Prompt – You just inherited a dilapidated, crumbling-down grand mansion in the countryside. Assuming money is no issue, what do you do with it?

“Remember that aunt that once left you $1,000,000?”, asked Dad when he got home from work this evening.

“Yes, we have already donated that money. And we have also bought a car. So?”, said I, wondering why Dad asked me about my late aunt (whom I didn’t even knew existed).

“Well, she has more things in store for us I think (or for you)”, he replied. Perplexed as I was, I requested him to make everything clear.

“You have just inherited her great mansion which resides in the countryside yonder”, said he. “But there’s one problem.”

This almost baffled me the same way it did when she left me a million dollars. How generous my aunt was even after death for a child who doesn’t even know about her. Now I had inherited another huge property not knowing what to do.

“What? The mansion isn’t enough now that it has problems in it”, I asked.

“It is almost deteriorated and crumbled”, he answered.


“No problem, the advocates say that she has (once again) left lots of money for you to revive those old bricks. What do you do?”

“Hmmm. It is simple. Since money isn’t a issue and the mansion is already crumbled down AND we already have a home, I think that we should demolish it”, I said.

“And then?”, Dad asked.

“Then, use the money and transform that area into a nice big playground; since there is a shortage of playgrounds in this concrete jungle.”

“That’s a nice idea you have got there!”, Dad exclaimed, always amused by my thoughts and thinking. Young as I was, I always wanted to practice soccer but there were no proper playgrounds to practice. Now that I got one, though it would take some to be established, I had no problem of practicing. Thanks aunt, once again.


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