A Zombie Apocalypse

Daily Prompt – How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?

A long time ago, we used to live in a rental apartment back then. “We” means me and one of my friends (his name was Martin). It was just because we had to travel a lot of time to the college that most of our valuable study time was wasted. So living near the college was the only solution since the college didn’t provide accomodation.

It was one dark and dreary night. We were up studying for the exam that was just the next day. Suddenly,

THUD A sound came from within the room next to ours. THUD It came again. It sounded as if someone just wanted to break the wall separating us. I asked Martin, “What’s that? Any idea?”

“Nope. I am wondering how this sound could come if no one lives in that apartment”, he replied. “Let’s check this out”, and he got up to move.

“Wait”, I said, “let’s take our baseball bat in case something happens.”

“Good idea”, and he opened the door. We walked to the next door and listened intentively. Just then, THUD, the door was slammed from the inside. There was something fishy for sure.

“You scared?”, asked Martin. “Nope. You?”

“The same. Then, let’s check”, he replied and broke the door open.

The force with which he slammed the door made him fall with the door. I looked through, the room was full of zombies (yes, zombies, you are not mistaken). There were almost 10. As one of them tried to come closer to me, I smashed him bringing him to the floor (thanks to my bat). Martin was striving to get up since one of the zombies was pressing him to the floor. I rushed to him and brought the zombie down.

Martin got up. “It’s just like playing Call Of Duty: Zombies, isn’t it?”, he said. “Yeahhh!! Then what are you waiting for, let’s play!”

And we spent the next 10 minutes in smashing the zombies fearlessly and ruthlessly just like we used to play the game. I thought zombie apocalypses could only occur in a game. When we had finished we thoroughly checked the hole room for any remnants. And I just happened to look through the window seeing that there were more on the street, “I think we have more job to do”, I said.

My friend approached and looking through said, “Then, let’s go and save the world.”


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