Oh! The Rain

Oh! The rain. It comes when it should not and doesn’t come when it should. It is raining since the last 24 hours and there can’t be seen any sign of it stopping. Everybody are having their coffee enjoying the rain and here I am writing something. Whenever I look outside the pane of glass separating me from the inside and outside world, I only see the rain drizzling. Sometimes a light drizzle, sometimes a heavy thunderstorm.

The roots of the plants have already absorbed a lot of water and I think they can’t stand more. The birds are flocking in the closed crevices of the building to avoid getting their precious feathers wet. The streets below are flooded with water. Children are enjoying playing in the rain. I could see umbrellas here, there and everywhere. Actually, I was out for a walk a while ago and trust me, the umbrellas are useless in the monsoon. Even though you have an umbrella, the rain will anyhow drench you almost up to waist level. And the winds are so strong that the umbrella turns inside out. The time we waste in getting the umbrella back to normal, the rain does its job of soaking us. And the chilliness out there is just intolerable.

The skies are are gray, totally gray. Its been like that since yesterday and you can’t tell whether it is 6 in the morning, 12 in the noon, or 4 in the evening. It looks the same all the way unless you check the time in that damned watch of yours. It is my most hated enemy; it always reminds me of all my appointments and schedules and doesn’t let me live freely. Anyways, the holidays are going on and I have nothing to do (instead of blogging).

When the power is out, the only thing I can do is cheer for the rain drops racing down the window glass and blowing hot air from my mouth on the window just to see the moisture on the glass and then watch it disappear.

The Mumbai Suburban trains are cancelled on some routes due to flooding of the railway lines in some areas. The commuters are cursing the rain. They have a reason to do so.


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