Making WiFi hotspot with a USB WiFi adapter

Need a hotspot to update you phone? Or something else? Whatever be your cause, here is a method for creating a WiFi hotspot quickly and without buying a WiFi router.

1. Buy a USB WiFi adapter:

Buy any USB WiFi adapter.

2. Install the WiFi adapter:

Install the drivers of the adapter that come packaged with it.

3. Open cmd:

Open command prompt with administrator privileges.

4. Run commands:

Hotspot configuration command
Hotspot configuration command

Run the following command:
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=hotspot_name_here key=password_here
This will set the hotspot properties like hotspot name and password.

netsh wlan start hostednetwork
This command will start the hotspot.

5. Share the internet connection:

Internet Connection Sharing over hotspot connection
Internet Connection Sharing over hotspot connection

Run the command: ncpa.cpl OR open network connection from the control panel. Right-click your internet connection and select properties. Select the Sharing tab. Tick the first checkbox and select your hotspot connection from the drop-down list. The hotspot will have some name like “Local Area Connection *13” or “Wireless Network Connection” or something like that. Click OK and you’re done. Your hotspot is ready.

To stop your hotspot, just run the command: netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

Note: After hearing from a lot of users and some of my friends, I have found out that this method sometimes gives problems when performed in Windows 8. If that happens in your case, consider buying a Wi-Fi router.


118 thoughts on “Making WiFi hotspot with a USB WiFi adapter

  1. i am using my computer. i did not have wireless desktop adapters and no wifi routers also to share internet. can i use wifi adapter to share internet to mobiles.i am waiting for reply……..


  2. i am using computer i did not have any wireless desktop adapter and no routers also to share internet. i am using broadband internet connection. can i use wifi adapter (usb) to share internet to mobiles. please tell me ……i am waiting for reply…………


  3. i use deskop computer inter net sorce lan card cat5 cable making Iā€™m trying to create a wifi hotspot using my work desktop computer that has a LAN connection. Will this procedure using a usb to wifi adapter work to give my phone a wifi signal?

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    1. Try uninstalling your network device (adapter) in the device manager then restart, my laptop did this not too long ago, i had to uninstall all my network devices and drivers to get it back too stock.

      Hope this works for you! šŸ™‚


          1. You can create batch file(.bat files) writing those codes and put them in startup folder so when you restart or start your pc it must execute those files and always ready for the hot spot


  4. When i Enter this command (netsh wlan start hostednetwork) it says “The hosted network couldnot be started. The group or resource is not in the correct” Please help


    1. Disable the device and than enable
      Or reinstall the drivers.
      And after reinstalling go to cmd with admin privileges,write the following cmd:
      “netsh wlan show drivers”
      To check that drivers are installed properly or not.
      ……if I helped u than show ur gratitude by visiting
      And if possible subscribe.


  5. Hi!

    I can’t share my connection… and I don’t know hot to fix it. I tried run services related with connection, sharing, etc. But it still doesn’t work.

    Before your tutorial I was trying in other ways… And there was an error with code “1068”.
    I found this but as I mentioned- didn’t help
    My os is Windows 7.


  6. Hi, I am able to create the hotspot. But I am unable to connect to the hotspot.
    Its saying “Authenticating…” and hangs there only…

    I have TP-LINK : TL-WN725N wireless adapter.
    My OS is Windows 8


  7. Sir, after doing the method that u suggested in cmd, I got the error as “You must enter this command prompt using the Administrative privilege.
    Plz help.


  8. 1st see if any attached Wi-Fi device are capable of “Hosted network supported”

    netsh wlan show drivers

    If “Hosted network supported : Yes” then you are good to go

    To setup:
    netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Hotspot key=12345678 keyUsage=persistent

    To start:
    netsh wlan start hostednetwork

    To stop:
    netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

    To disable:
    netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=disallow

    When the AP is disabled it can be enabled (or deleted) through device manager as well. If the AP is not displayed in device manager while disabled then attempt to start it (cmd) while it is disabled then reboot. It should then populate in device manager and display as disabled.


    1. To disable does mean to disallow (sorry for the confusion). If the AP is “disabled” within the control panel then that is when device manager is used to get it back.


    2. i am using internet through Modem, when i Type netsh wlan show drivers on Command Prompt it says that “There is no wireless interface at the system” what can i do? please help me


  9. Sir,

    Can you please mention the steps if we wanted to change the SSID and KEY of hotspot, created using USB Wifi Adapter, in any near future.

    Secondly, is this method safe (creating hotspot) for our WiFi USB Adapter.

    Thank You.


  10. Hello turboblaze thanks for the tutorial. It seems i can create the hotspot and everything is fine which also enable me to connect my phone to such hotspot i just created. But i cannot access the internet that’s the problem. For you info, i cannot find ‘sharing’ tab just like you do after right click > properties. Can you help me out?



    1. Follow these steps:
      1. Click on Start and open “Run”.
      2. Type “services.msc” without the quotes and hit Enter.
      3. Find the Item Internet Connection Sharing and right-click and select properties.
      4. Change Startup Type to “Automatic” and click “Apply” then “OK” and close the Services windows.
      5. Restart your computer and then try making hotspot again.


  11. dear nilesh
    i have a Netgear USB adaptor on my desktop .My wifi signals from three rooms far cannot reach the adptor till i put a aluminium disc or parabolic attatchment .I want to use my mobile as a hotspot . but neither the mobile Samsubg detects nor the desktop detects for tethering .Mind you my despkto doesnt have a wireless caability .please help


  12. when I give commond to star the hostopt its show that ‘The hosted network couldn’t be started.The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation.

          First time its worked but I not working properly since I used DISABLE  option from setting.Please help me


  13. Hotspot is created but when iā€™m trying to connect it in my mobile its showing Poor connection & its not connecting.. sometime shows obtaining IP address doesn’t get IP ever.. sometime it shows authenticating & stops at there..
    plz plz kindly solve my problem…


    1. Many people are facing the same problem and I’m not able to figure out the problem that’s causing it. When I’m trying, my devices are able to connect.

      A lot of people have faced problems when this method is performed in Windows 8 so I used Windows 7 instead. Windows 8 causes some problems with this method.


  14. i created hotspot in my pc by cmd with wifi adaptor. but yet i could not connect my mobile in that hotspot. when i m trying to connect my mobile with that hotspot it stops at getting ip address..
    can you plz solve my problem..


  15. will wifi adaptor make a wifi zone in a room when i connect this with pc….this will share pc’s internet connection with mobile….????


      1. Nilesh Bhai.. Mene Sab sertings Kiya. But Muze Mobile me Wi Fi Hot Spot Nahi dikhata. Kya Karna chahiye. Mere pass TP Link ka Wi Fi USB he.


  16. Well My PC does not have a WiFi router but I have a dongle with soft WiFi ….can I make make my PC a hotspot from the commands u said….


  17. Hi ,

    The blog is very useful. I am using a netgear usb adapter. and i have dial up connection for internet at my place, i followed the above steps and got access to internet on mobile phone but after a short period of time the internet got disconnected and dial up connection also dont work. it shows some hardware failure error while dialiing up connection again. when i installed the drivers of netgear internet works fine. is any problem in netgear device or router of internet .
    please reply soon


    1. That error occured to me when I tried this process with a TP-LINK adapter in Windows 8. But it worked fine in Windows 7.

      When you installed the Netgear drivers, the hotspot worked fine, means that there was a problem in the adapter.

      Happy to help.


    1. Hmmm. This same problem has occured many times among many people. And I’m not able to figure out what’s causing it. When I did the all these steps, my phone and laptop both received the Wi-Fi with no problems.

      What adapter are you using? Are you using Windows 8? I bought a TP-LINK adapter but it didn’t work in Windows 8. Instead it worked perfectly fine in Windows 7.



  18. Thanks a lot. It has worked for me for winodws 8.1 64 bit.
    Can’t we make this whole process as a batch command ? so that one need not to give command each time.


  19. Your post is awesome!

    But I still wonder one thing:
    Could you let me know whether this method will also work with internal wireless lan card rather than USB (external) adapter?

    Many thanks in advance!


    1. I’m not sure. But since this method uses Windows’s “netsh” tool, it would be able to work with any kind of wireless device, be it internal or external.

      I don’t have an internal wireless LAN card so I haven’t tried it but I’m 80% sure that it would work. If you have one, try it out and please tell me.



  20. Thanks for the help Nilesh.. I have a Desktop ( Assembled ) and i use net by my 3G Dongle and i want to share that 3G Dongle net to my other devices i.e Phones..

    So by just buying a Wi-Fi Adaptor ( that cost to me just 400-500 ) i can use my 3G dongle net as a wifi in my phone..

    Please reply Fast as i have to purchase a wifi adaptor and also suggest me that which wifi adaptor i shall purchase..

    Thankss Again in advance..


  21. Plzz tell me which USB Wifi Adaptor i should buy to do all this stuff function properly i m using Dell Desktop PC with windows 7 64 bit


    1. Any USB Wi-Fi adapter will do. Personally I used the TP-LINK TL-WN721N 150Mbps but due to some unknown reasons it doesn’t work in Windows 8. Since you are using Windows 7, that might not be an issue. Again, you may try any other adapter as well.


        1. I went through the details of the adapter you have mentioned and it looks fine to me. Try it out, and see whether it fulfills your need.

          Thanks for reading my post. šŸ™‚

          Happy to help.


  22. how can i use my usb wireless adapter for hotspot, because anytime i tries it uses the machines wireless adapter.


      1. Making clear : My computer is connected by broadbank cable internet. I tried to create hotspot by my TBLink USB WiFi receiver. It is created. But the hotspot showing (no internet access). My other device like mobile is being connected to the hotspot but at a stage it is showing (obtaining IP) but it cannot. It remain connected with the hotspot but no internet connection is shown. I tried enabling both my USB receiver and my LAN card connection. It did not work. Any solution?


        1. Check whether you have shared your internet connection over to your hotspot connection or not (step 5). If that doesn’t solve your problem, recheck all the steps. If your problem still persists, then it may be some driver problem or a problem that I have never encountered.



            1. Whenever we turn on internet connection sharing, the IP address is automatically set to automatically obtain. So LAN adapter might not be a problem. If you’re using Windows 8, then this method is useless as the TP-LINK adapter doesn’t work in Windows 8 (and I’m still not able to figure out why).


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