My Brain

Daily Prompt – Today, write about any topic you feel like — but you must reuse your opening line (at least) two more times in the course of your post.

My brain doesn’t work when I try to solve problems of calculus. Limits, derivatives, integration, partial fractions and all the others nightmares of calculus. It is the immortal enemy of all the mankind (or just me, I suppose).

My brain doesn’t work when I try to concentrate for a prompt and the TV is on nearby (not nearby, it is just next to me). I don’t like sounds interfering my thoughts. They come like bullets from a gun and shatter all of my thoughts.

My brain doesn’t work when I am programming and someone besides me just doesn’t stop talking. All of my syntax goes wrong and I end up puttting semicolons in the wrong places. When that happens, I wish I could just punch that person in the face.

My brain doesn’t work when I go to sleep. No explanation needed.


8 thoughts on “My Brain

  1. This is pretty cool. I can totally relate (as I’m sure many fellow bloggers can) to everything, except the last line. You see, as soon as I’m supposed to fall asleep, my body is dragging, my eyes are heavy, I’m exhausted, MY brain comes to life. Whether it’s a new idea for my book, a new blog topic, a new poem… as soon as the lights go out, my brain wakes up. I can’t wait for my son to go back to school, so that I can write all night and then sleep all day.


      1. Yes, it is. If there’s ONE think I HATE, it’s the obnoxious beeping of the alarm clock in the morning. AND my brain plays dirty little tricks on me!! Last night, I slept for 3 hours; a deep, heavy sleep. Then my brain said, “Time to get up!” so I got up, watched 2 movies I’d recorded and made my way back to bed, forcing my brain to shut off, and my body to go back to sleep. And then I awoke to the alarm clock. Awesome…


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