Nice to meet you

Daily Prompt – It turns out that your neighbor on the plane/bus/train (or the person sitting at the next table at the coffee shop) is a very, very chatty tourist. Do you try to switch seats, go for a non-committal brief small talk, or make this person your new best friend?

“Hello, brother”, said my neighbour on the bus trip to Aurangabad. I was on the window seat and I didn’t notice him.

“Hellooo”, he said again. I turned towards and surveyed him thoroughly. I was sure I didn’t know him or recognize him. He wasn’t even in my acquaintances.

I was somewhat confused to reply when he continued, “Aren’t you also going to Aurangabad. It is a long trip and maybe our talk would make the time seem short.”

I answered him yes and thought his proposal was good enough. I was bored constantly staring out of the window. There was no scene worth watching and I thought maybe talking would take away my boredom.

I said, “Hello to you and nice to meet. Myself, Nilesh. And you?”

“Fernando. Miguel Fernando. Actually I’m from Spain. I am here on a trip and after seeing all the charms of Mumbai I am off to Aurangabad. But the trip is too long.”

I introduced myself, rather astonished to meet a Spanish person besides me. We talked about everything we could. I talked about Mumbai and told him about the best places in Aurangabad. He told me about Spain and it’s culture. Thus passed our 8 hours trip, sometimes quiet and most of the time talking about this and that.

While departing he said, “I liked meeting you. Thanks for the information on this place. Could I get your cell number if I wish to talk to you again?”

I gave him my number readily and wishing each other, we departed. I walked away to my uncle’s house feeling happy that I made a friend from another country whom I could talk to.


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