The memoir of a geek

Writing Challenge – In this week’s writing challenge, mine your memory and write a memoir.

I am still young so I don’t have many memories that I remember. I tend to forget things quite easily (maybe amnesia). But when I was small I took a great interest in computers, technology and all that stuff (right from the age of 8). Since then I have always been a geek.

Once a geek, always a geek.

I remember urging dad to buy me a PC. I know was too small for a PC, but you know the kids these days. They can’t live without any gadget nearby. Be it a simple black and white phone (I have one, it is an antique piece) or a high-end smartphone or tablet. Kids today have got addicted to these kinds of things.

Nevertheless, he bought me a PC and I was quite happy (geeky). My interest in these machines was so much that I used to operate it every single day without leave (I still do). Sometimes gaming, sometimes exploring the system files or anything that roused my curiosity.

My PC is my best companion.

I was then a complete noob in programming. But as days (years) passed, I learnt many different programming languages. I always used to think how those colorful graphics and shapes came on the screen which inspired me even more to know everything about programming.

I remember doing all types of donkeywork (stupid workarounds) when I couldn’t figure a more appropriate way to program. Like writing code multiple times instead of using the for loop.

I remember all my friends (who weren’t a geek like me) calling me a computer magician who do all sorts of things on a computer from formatting to troubleshooting. They used to ask me their doubts related to their PCs.

As the technology developed and new programming came out, I started trying out those. It increased my knowledge a lot but then so many languages developed that it became difficult to cope with each and every one. I sticked with VB and HTML.

Whenever I learn new techniques, I wonder how stupid were the older techniques though they were the only way to accomplish something. Like using an tag in HTML to insert any video or audio and then with the advent of HTML5, it was replaced by the dedicated <video> and <audio> tags for the same which were quite straightforward to work with. I remember using VB for programming all sorts of things and then doing the same in VB.NET with much ease and much less code.

Back then owning a mobile phone (even a black and white one) was a very big deal. My father’s first mobile was my first step in learning mobile technology. The snake game was the most played one.

Now when I look back on those days, I marvel at the rate at which the technology is developing. Now PC is a basic need, phones are smart and exist in every pocket. The wearable technologies like smartwatches, fitness trackers, etc. are the ones that are gaining ground since it is the latest technology. Maybe in the next few years humans will do no work; all the work will be handled by robots. Even the daily chores like cooking, bringing groceries, serving us will be done by human-looking drones. And I will live to see that future when we will become mere fat meatballs. If you want a glimpse of a future like that, watch WALL-E.


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