Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, a game that will enchant you in playing it again and again. I finished it two times in two different ways. You would ask, how in two different ways?

The game has several different endings which depend on how you progress during the campaign. The whole game revolves around Raul Menendez (the primary antagonist) and his organization Cordis Die’s attack on the U. S. and the Republic of China.

Frank Woods and his team were held captive by Menendez which enraged Woods in avenging himself and his comrades. Woods is rescued by Hudson and Mason thereafter commencing their search for Menendez. Frank Woods’s grenade throw in Josefina’s (Menendez’s sister) room resulting in her presumed death enraged Menendez wanting him to avenge her. He creates Cordis Die and plans a cyber attack on the U. S. He uses the U. S. drones to attack their own country by infecting them with a celerium (a rare earth element) worm which compromises the whole U. S. military infrastructure.

We play as different characters in the game. For the major part we play as David Mason (codenamed “Section”) who is the son of Alex Mason, the primary protagonist of the first part of the series. He is a commander in the U. S. Navy Seals. The game shifts between two different time periods, back in the 1980s and ahead in 2025.

The game features advanced weapons like the armor penetrating sniper (it goes through walls and armor). There is also an advanced type of scope for guns, the Target Finder which marks enemy units in the viewfinder with a red square.

There are many new types of grenades. The EMP grenade disrupts all nearby electronic equipments. The shock grenade stuns all nearby units. The concussion grenade slows down units in its range. The semtex grenade sticks to the target before exploding. The XM31 grenade can be launched from a launcher worn on the wrist.

The game shows too much blood, violence, throat cutting and shooting-in-the-leg-with-a-shotgun which is inappropriate for young children. Though there is a setting to restrict graphic content. The overall graphics of the game is amazing. The textures are smooth, the anti-aliasing is great and the special effects are mind-blowing. I had my graphics settings maxed out and quite enjoyed the game. After all,

An action game without good graphics is an action game wasted.


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