Chaos in the restaurant

It was one of those days when I along with my family go outside for a dinner. Whenever we used to plan a dinner outside, we fight against each other on which restaurant to go to. This time I won the fight and I chose a Chinese restaurant nearby our house.

The restaurant was a small one with about 10 tables and they were experts in serving Chinese food. Though the foods were not true Chinese food, we still call it Chinese (and I don’t know why). It was Sunday and all tables were full leaving us waiting outside for our turn. After about 15 minutes a table was emptied and we were called in.

We took our seats. The waiter brought us a menu and I dived into it directly viewing all the different kinds of items they serve (I do it everytime even when I know all of the items). We ordered a soup as a starter. It was the weekend and the crowd was too much. The orders were served late. Everybody was shouting, “where is my order?” To which the waiter would reply, “It is almost ready. Please be patient.”

After having finished the soup my dad told me to order something. I looked through the menu and chose a Triple Noodles (it is a dish full of noodles with pieces of chicken embedded into it and an omlette laid on top of it) whereas the other three chose Triple Rice (the same, only with rice instead of noodles). I called out to the waiter attending us. I read out our orders to him and off he went to the counter. We waited.

5 mins elapsed. 10 mins elapsed. 15 mins elapsed. 20 mins elapsed. We were hungry and still our order wasn’t served. I was about to ask the waiter when I saw him coming with our orders. He brought us Triple Rice but no noodles. I didn’t notice this until he started serving the rice into my plate instead of the noodles. I stopped him.

“What’s this?”, I asked.

“Your order, sir.”

“I ordered a Triple Noodles, not rice.”

His face grew pale. He kept looking at me. He realised he had done a mistake in placing the order. By this time the manager had noticed and he came in with a scary countenance and started scolding the waiter. Sweat was to be seen running down from the latter’s head. He stood there silently looking towards the ground.

The manager, when he was done scolding, went back to the counter furiously. The waiter just stood there looking towards him. I told him, “it’s OK. Mistakes happen.”

For the rest of the time, he waited on us very obediently and confirmed our orders by repeating them to us before placing them. His master kept eyeing him now and then telling him not to mistake anybody’s order from now on or else he would be fired.

We finished and paid our bill and as I walking out, I saw the waiter looking at me. I didn’t notice but I thinked he smiled a little.


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