Robot Writer

“Here is it, sir. Your robot which can do any one job you intend it to do”, said the company’s technician who delivered the robot to my house.

“Oh! Thanks for that. Now please configure it”, I said.

“OK. But remember, once it is configured to do one job, it cannot be changed. It will continue doing the same job until it dies (which it doesn’t) or is destroyed. Choose wisely.”

I weighed all of my daily work figuring out with which one I should configure the robot. Whether it should help me brush, sing me a melody to make me sleep, write my assignments, etc. After a moment, I fixed my mind and chose to configure it with writing my college laboratory journal work. After all, it was the most boring and tiresome work. If you are a student (or have been one), you know that very well.

“OK. Done. Just some little…tick..tack…and wrooomm. It is on. Just say what you want to write and it will write it.”

“Won’t it write by itself?”, I asked, disappointed by such a shortcoming in the robot.

“No, sir. You will have to dictate it and the robot will write as fast as you dictate. So it won’t be hard since you just have to read from the laboratory manual and the assignment’s complete.”

“Well…err..thanks. If that’s the case, then it is OK with me. At least I don’t have to write anything.”

The technician took his pay and as soon as he retired I started toying with the robot. He was right. The robot wrote everything I read (I was reading from a book). No complaints. Now I had a Robot Writer.


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