Extra Time

0615 hrs. Tring, tring, tring. The alarms goes off and I have to wake up despite the strong desire to sleep for more.

0715 hrs. I am ready for college. Today’s a big day. I head out to the bus stop.

0745 hrs. After an half an hour walk I find myself at the bus stop. I could see other office people and college students standing and staring in the direction from which a bus was expected. Now and then, there is a splash of water from the bridge overhead whenever some vehicle goes through. The bridge’s water drainage system is poor, I think and wonder how all pipes and channels are arranged inside that concrete structure.

0800 hrs. I board a bus, pay the fare and find myself a window seat.

0815 hrs. Halfway through my route, I find myself stuck in deep traffic. Not actually traffic but a long line of vehicles at the signal. Only 15 minutes were left for the college to start and I didn’t wanted to be late. I was never late before and this would break my evergreen record.

0820 hrs. The traffic clears (with lots of horns and jerks). The bus driver speeds through and joins to the highway. Only few minutes.

0830 hrs. I alight from the bus. “Damn”, I think, “the college would have been started by now.” I walk at a much faster pace than normal. “Godspeed me!”, I say.

0835 hrs. I reach my classroom. The lecture hasn’t started. Phew. I ask my friend. “It is still 0825 hrs”, he says. “What?” It is then that I realize that my wristwatch is running 10 minutes ahead of time.

Phew! That was a close one!


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