Watt, ma’am?

Physics lecture, one of the most boring lectures at the school. I was too drowsy to lift my head. I kept it down. I could hear some of the fragments teacher’s lecture.

“The steam engine was one of the most successful invention in the history of mankind………It works on the principle……….It was invented by……….Hey you!”, she seemed to shout.

“Wake up, Nilesh”, said my friend and shook me. I sat up slowly and rubbed my eyes. “Yes you! Why were you sleeping? Now tell me, who invented the steam engine?”, she asked.

I was still drowsy. I stood up and realised that I was completely stumped. I wasn’t able to hear her question. I said, “What, ma’am?”

“Good. Sit down. It was James Watt…….”, she continued. I was confused thinking of how I got out of the situation while by friend just kept laughing and saying, “That was a close one, my friend! Nice. Nice….”


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