Monsoon ends irritatingly

Monsoon had gone. Really? I didn’t think so. There were still some traces left of it. Every other evening clouds gathered (from I don’t know where) and it rained cats and dogs. Heavy lightning strikes, loud thud noises were seen and heard everywhere. While I sat idly hearing the splattering of rain drops against the window like bullets from a gun.

So why didn’t I blog? Good idea. But I could blog only when my internet is up. The thunderstorms had caused my internet service provider’s server systems to go down.

And I was shut offline for almost a week.

I gave their office a visit and had my complaint registered. But as always they are too slow to work. “New systems are in process of installation. Please be patient”, was their reply to anyone and everyone who came to office inquiring about why their connection was down.

I couldn’t check my emails. I couldn’t read my feeds. I couldn’t search on DuckDuckGo. And the most irritating, I couldn’t blog. I could have activated mobile data on my smartphone but internet plans (3G) are a little bit too expensive here. I wrote this draft in a notepad file and at the time of this writing, I am still offline. I will publish as soon as I get online. Even I am eager to read the blogs of other fellow bloggers on

Year-by-year the nature of monsoon is changing. It comes late and goes early. But this time, it went leaving me offline.

Update: A technician from my ISP arrived at home (finally) and said that the port on the backside of my CPU was damaged (due to the thunderstorm). Good luck me that I had a spare port. But anyways, why did they delay the service so much. I’m gonna give them a bad feedback.


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