Flipkart’s “Big Billion Day”

Flipkart had its so-called “Big Billion Day” on 6th of October where Flipkart said it was giving heavy disconts on almost all items and a buy-1-get-1-free offer on some products.

The day was to start at 8am but the rush was so much that Flipkart received a traffic like never before. I tried to login to Flipkart at somewhat around 8:30am but got a lots of errors. Sometimes the page would not load and many times I got a “Error 500: Internal Server Error”. Why did Flipkart take this initiative if their servers couldn’t even handle the traffic that was expected?

While I browsed through the product listings seeing what Flipkart has to offer, I saw a 16 GB pendrive being sold at Re. 1 only (could you believe it?). And there were many other products too with heavy discounts. I had already planned on buying a Skullcandy headset for my smartphone. After a short search and filtering through the results I found what I was looking for. It was a Skullcandy SKID2Y-101 Ink’d In-the-ear headset which had a 45% discount. I immediately added it to the cart and proceeded to checkout. As soon as I saw the checkout page, it showed that there were no items in the cart and the total payable amount was Rs. 824. “That’s ridiculous”, I thought. I tried adding the product to the cart again a couple of times but everytime it showed the same thing, only the total payable amount kept on increasing with nothing in the cart.

Somehow I logged out of Flipkart and went straight to Amazon. I searched the same headset and ordered it at 50% discount (even more discount than at Flipkart). I didn’t go back to Flipkart since then. Amazon even delivered it within 24 hours.

I am thinking about relogging into Flipkart and checking whether the headset(s) are still in my shopping cart or are they removed. Two days later, Flipkart sent a email apologizing to every user writing about how they never expected such a traffic and couldn’t stand up to our expectations. Many users (including me) were disappointed by Flipkart whereas those who successfully received their products had no complaints.

What about you? Did you order something from Flipkart on its “Big Billion Day”? If yes, how was your experience?


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