Lectures, of course!

It was that day I remember. Friday, 8:30 am, chemistry lecture. When I entered the class, “May I come in, Sir?”

He nodded assent and I took my usual corner seat. “Since we have a lot of syllabus to cover, I’ll taking everything faster”, he announced. But how much ever fast he lectures us, 1 hour is 1 hour after all. That 1 hour seems to us like 10 hours; so slow the time drags on. Every 5 to 10 seconds I look at my watch hoping to find that 5 minutes have passed but it seems that even the watch is lazy to move its hands.

I look at my friends. They are in the same state of boredom, hoping that time would go fast. But time never stops or slows down nor does it go faster. Then why does that 1 hour seems to us so long? Maybe it is one’s perception that makes one feel that way. At times like these, I always think that I could gain some superpower with the help of I could make time go faster than usual.


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