My Start Screen Customization

My Windows Phone’s start screen customization is the thing that took me hours a lot of time to design. And I don’t like it being disturbed once it’s set. Recently, one of my friends wanted to try out my phone stating that he never used Windows Phones before. And I gave him, unlocking it.

A few minutes later he handed it back to me and I was like, “Is this my phone?” It was completely changed. The start screen background was changed, the tiles were disoriented. I asked him about it and he said, “I was just trying it out.” Was he just trying out or was he completely familiar with Windows, I don’t know but I didn’t like. My customization represents my individuality (as Microsoft) says and I want it undisturbed.

Since then, I warn anybody who tries my phone to not change the position of any of those colourful tiles. The original is better. Always.


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