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Going by the stats (and observing the local people around me), I am getting to see more and more Windows Phones around. I guess people are finally giving WP a try. Maybe Windows Phone 8.1 has done the magic. The newest version has all those features which were wanted and were not present previously.

But since Microsoft has lifted off the money it charges to OEMs to manufacture Windows Phone, there are many cheap quality Windows Phones that are being seen in the market. The Indians here don’t care about the build quality and overall design of phones, they just ask the shopkeeper, “Android he kya?” (Translated “Is it Android?”) and that’s it. And now people are giving Windows Phones a try by buying cheap quality phones. By those I mean companies other than Nokia (now Microsoft). That would just ruin the hard earned reputation of WP.

I just recently heard a company named “Celkon” (I rarely heard about this company) releasing a cheap Windows Phone at only Rs. 4,999 ($81) off contract. It has very low specs and I am doubtful whether it would be able to handle the future updates (Microsoft has promised all WP 8 and 8.1 devices to be upgraded to Windows 10).

The OEMs (other than Nokia) don’t pay much attention to the firmware updates and its users are left stranded in between with phones running older versions. Then they start complaining about it and it degrades the reputation of the WP operating system. On the other hand, Nokia pushes out updates are soon as they are out of beta (development) for their phones and hence users get a good experience.

I am using a Nokia Lumia 520 since more than a year and till now I have had no complaints about it. It is running the latest Windows Phone 8.1 OS and I don’t regret buying it. I will use my 520 up to the point when there are no further updates available and then will consider buying the latest Windows Phone out there (of course from Nokia). People who have used my phone say that it still looks as good as new. You can even read my review that I wrote in May 2014.

Do you use Windows Phones? If yes, then tell me about your experience and if no, tell what you think about it. Feel free to share your thoughts.


5 thoughts on “WP thoughts

  1. I see that you have stopped writing about WP after this so I’m assuming you went with an Android instead? Cheers, though, if you did get a Windows Phone.

    I’m a big fan of WP and the Lumia line of devices. Though as a geek, I had to try out Android first. I didn’t really understand what the big deal was. At the end of the day, I want a phone that’s a delight to use. My HTC Desire X slogged, stuttered and turned pretty unusable one day. So I finally got myself a Lumia 830 last year! Loving it every single day 🙂 Just the right balance of style and substance, and not to mention the killer camera.

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    1. Nope. I will never use an Android. They are damn too slow. I even bought a new Lumia 730 (bright green, just in case you wanted to know). But I don’t feel like writing a review on it. I love it and I will be using Windows Phones for the rest of my life. Begone, Android and iOS.

      My biggest advantage is that no one messes with my phone because no one knows how to use it. Haha!

      Lumias are great. The fact is that people are so obsessed with Android that they won’t even give WP a try.

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      1. Awesome!! 730 is a great device, nothing can beat that front camera, I went black for my 830, that was the only color available in the store that time and I was too restless to wait. Been on the lookout for a green backplate on ebay for sometime now. 🙂

        Oh and btw, 4 out of five people in my family now own a Lumia 😀 We have a 435,520,730 and my 830! Only my brother’s remaining (he’s stuck with a Micromax Canvas) but I’m hopeful we’ll soon become a Windows Family, lol!

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        1. Then my family is similar to yours. We have a 730, 720 and a 520 and an old but good Nokia 7210 Supernova. My front camera is something everyone is mad about at my college. Whenever someone needs to take a selfie, they call me.

          I feel so great to have finally found a WP user and fan. You are the first one I have found. Friends at college only like my camera and not the phone.

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          1. I know, right! True WP fans are so rare, that’s why I jumped why I saw the ‘Windows Phone’ tag on your blog! These are great phones with a super OS but people always want to play safe and get an Android ( read, Moto G).

            But I feel Microsoft is at least trying to correct the mistakes that Nokia did in terms of features and pricing. Lumia 640 is one stunning device for such a low price!

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