My books

“Dinner’s ready!”, Mom shouted from the kitchen. I switched off my console and started to go downstairs. Just as I reached the door I heard a loud and low pitched voice calling me, “Hey, you! Yes, you. There is no one else in the room I can refer to.”

I turned round and saw my mathematics textbook standing upright and speaking to me. I rubbed my eyes and pinched myself to ensure I wasn’t dreaming and it was for real. The silence was broke as it said, “Your exams are near, aren’t they?”

“Hmmm. Yes but I’m in no mood to study right now. So please you may go to your sleep again”, I replied.

“So it seems that you don’t want to study and fail. Right?”

I was startled. I kept staring at it intently. I said, “Well. Time will decide it!”

“NO! It’s you who will decide it. You bought me from the store and never opened me once. In three days you will be in the examination hall writing your exam. What will you do then? You will regret not having opened me.”

“Maybe you’re right”, I said.

The book continued, “And if you fail in this exam you will have to clear it in the next semester. Do you even understand the seriousness of the impending issue.” I considered his words as I slammed the door shut and headed for dinner. As I was walking downstairs I heard its blabbering from within.

After dinner when I came back to my room I saw the book still standing upright with a frown as if waiting for my reply. I went up to it and apologized to him. “My biggest apologies“, I said. “It’s alright. But mind it from now onwards. Start studying right now”, it said.

I picked it up and headed to my desk when it said, “And yes, clean me first. I have gathered a lot of dust.”


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