No prompt

Today when I logged into my WordPress, the first thing I did was check the Daily Post for any new prompts. In my time zone, prompts update at 6:30 in the evening but now it’s nearly 9 o’clock and there is still no prompt. I wonder what has happened to the Daily Post team. It has happened before and it is happening again.

The pingback hasn’t been resolved yet. One day the pingbacks are listed on the prompt site and they disappear the other day. On some days I have even noticed that only some pingbacks are listed and not all. It happened with me. I wrote a response and included a pingback which wasn’t listed and when I click on my own pingback, it took me to the Daily Prompt page where I saw many responses waiting to be read. That’s wierd.

It’s Christmas tomorrow and the churches here are all decorated with christmas trees, lanterns and all other stuff. Here in India, majority of people are Hindus (including me) which do not celebrate Christmas but rather enjoy it as a holiday. Schools are closed, all offices are closed and everybody’s at home relaxing out or celebrating Christmas.

Since quite a few days, lightning hasn’t struck me. By lightning I mean inspiration to write. Formerly, I used to write something everyday but now it has been reduced to somewhat only 2 or 3 posts a week. Sometimes 5 a week. My last exam is on Friday and after that I’m as free as wind. I will have nothing to do and my best past time will be blogging. But blogging isn’t fun when there is nothing to write.

Even if there is nothing to write I can atleast read the blogs of other fellow bloggers. Maybe I can get some inspiration from their posts. I read recently in one of the posts by the Daily Post on giving free writing a try and maybe that’s what I did here. I didn’t know what I would write at the beginning of this post but by now (10 minutes) it has grown long enough. Maybe free writing is the thing for me. I will keep trying it now and again.

I hope the WordPress resolves the pingback problems as soon as possible or else the works of many bloggers will be left in the dark, unread. There is a way which will help you read the daily prompt challenges. On the WordPress reader page, there is a box on the left side where you can explore posts by tags. If you enter “daily prompt” there, you’ll find the responses of all those fellow bloggers who have tagged their responses with “daily prompt”. I hope that helps us out of the pingback disaster. Sigh.


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