Grown Up

Daily Prompt – When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?

I have recently turned 18 so I think I may call myself a grown up now, can I? I felt like a grown up when I went for voting. First I thought voting would be very adult-like but it wasn’t. I had to stand in long queues to vote. It took almost one and a half hour for me to reach the voting compartment. But I had to do it and I did it.

Something’s wrong with the daily prompts. Why are they repeating those prompts again? This prompt appeared on 6th of March, 2013 and now it appears again after nearly two years. The bloggers who are writing prompts since that time won’t need to write any prompt today, haha! But those who are new to blogging (like me), would write and wouldn’t even know that the prompt has been repeated.

At the appointed time (the time at which prompts are given out), I visited the daily prompt page and already saw more than 90 responses already submitted. I thought, “Hmmm. That is weird. No one can write that fast.” And I checked some of the prompt submissions and found out the exact date. What if this prompt was repeated even sometime before 2013?


3 thoughts on “Grown Up

    1. Thanks for considering me capable of that award but I now don’t accept awards. Awards are not my thing. Your reading of my blog is a much better award than any other. Actually, few months ago another blogger nominated me for the Liebster Award but following those rules is too troublesome for me. I’m a lazy person.



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