The Skill of Coding

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

Just a few minutes ago I read The Daily Post’s post explaining the repetition of the prompts. They say that they have already published almost 800 prompts over two years and now prompts would be published less often. More and more older prompts will be resurfaced now and then. And this is one of them. The repetition of these prompts does not affect me because not even a year has passed of my blogging.

I love programming and I choose to master the skill of programming (in any language, of course). Since the start of computers, programming languages were created, used, modified and then became obsolete (like COBOL). But every language played an important role in the computer revolution. Knowing how to code is a privilege and I believe that everyone must know basic coding, if not advanced. When I program something I feel like a wizard. I just write some lines of code and the computer does some work. It is similar to a magic wand. To use it and perform a magic. And technology is really magic.

If I become a master in coding, I would be able to anything I want without even moving from my seat. Computers will do everything. We are already in the automatic era and I wonder how it will be in the coming years.


5 thoughts on “The Skill of Coding

    1. I’m not talking about the social networks. I only mean to say that technology is making life easier by reducing our physical and mental work. I myself discourage social networks. They affect our real social life. Meeting friends is one thing that is unpleasant if done virtually.

      I have written an article on why I deleted my Facebook (and all other social accounts). If you have time, you can read it here.


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        1. You are right. The more people are using social networking or messaging apps, the more they are going away from the actual reality. Sometimes when I think of it, it makes me feel sad. But we can’t do anything about it until the people understand this themselves.


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