Power of Deduction

Daily Prompt – Let’s assume we do, in fact, use only 10% of our brain. If you could unlock the remaining 90%, what would you do with it?

I use only 10% of my brain power. Really? That must mean I am mad. No, that can’t be. Mad people don’t even use 10%. Haha. I was absent for almost a week due to tight schedule. I rarely get time to write anything. But today I got the power to use the rest of my brain power and I got to writing. After writing is done, I will use that 90% plus the remaining 10% to become (or at least try to) Sherlock Holmes. The key is to use our eyes and brain properly. Maybe with this extra 90% I can solve cases. Buy tough cases in India are very rare. Even if they occur they are just postponed everytime it appears in the court.

Extra brain power can help me top my exams. In engineering, we just pass exams at the borderline. That means just enough marks to pass out. And if we get a “all clear”, our happiness and confidence knows no bounds. Whether you top the exams or just pass, your friends will still call you a scholar. The word scholar here is a cliché. Everybody will be called a scholar irrespective of whether they are one or not. Sigh.

Extra brain power can be used in programming too. Programming requires a lot of logic building. In my junior college, everybody knew me as the logic king. I used to (and still can) deduce the logic behind any program in a flash.

If God has given us a brain we must use 100% of it. Why waste it? But will it burn out too, like computer processors? That is not at all desirable, right? The working of our brain is a mystery. I mean, how can it work with only 10 watts of power? It’s amazing.


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