Almost Everyday

Daily Prompt – When was the last time you wrote something substantive — a letter, a story, a journal entry, etc. — by hand? Could you ever imagine returning to a pre-keyboard era?

I was born in the keyboard era so I don’t know much about the pre-keyboard one. But I write something substantive almost everyday. If you might have read my about page, you would know that I am a full-time student. An aspiring engineer in the IT industry. I go to college everyday and write notes. But not everything that is dictated. I write only when the lecturer comes near to have a peek. All else can be found in the textbook. And I do it with my trusty black ball pen.

I can’t even imagine how can a person live without keyboards. They are everywhere. From desktop PCs, tablets (those virtual keyboards), smartphones to simple keypad phones. Without it nothing is possible. In India, not everything is digitalized so writing letters is a must sometimes. Like if you want to submit an application in the bank, you HAVE to write a letter. And a formal one. I hate formal letters. You have to check the letter more than twice for any typo or else you can be the subject of laughter at the bank.

Some years ago, I decided to write a diary to log my life. After much consideration I started writing but eventually the habit faded (in less than a week). I am now just a memorabilia collector. That’s better than writing each and every day of your life. After all, who has got so much time for that?

I am so addicted to the keyboard and touch era that I can’t even imagine to live in the pre-keyboard era.


5 thoughts on “Almost Everyday

  1. So funny to hear someone say that. Of course, my kids are growing up in the keyboard era and are just so much more natural with the computer, even if I may be more educated with certain programs. I challenge you to spend a day in the pen and paper era.

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    1. I had spent many days in the pen and paper era when I was a kid. Back then, there were no smartphones, no e-journals or diaries and we had to write everything down. In my family, only father had a phone. That too the oldest Nokia keypad black and white phone.

      I can complete your challenge only if the electricity and internet goes down. Otherwise, I am so addicted to computers and WordPress that I can’t help checking it now and again.


    1. Back in the school days I hated cursive writing. I never wrote in cursive. I have always used block letters. My handwriting resembles a simple computer font. Even if I live in the keyboard era, I can still write. And sometimes writing feels good.

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