The Physics Project

It happened nearly two to three weeks before. We had been given a physics assignment to complete and the deadline was closing in. The catch, we didn’t knew the format to write it. Here we have different formats for different subjects and failure to write it in the layout specified may lead to severe circumstances. It might happen that you would be told ordered to rewrite the whole assignment. And who will want that?

So me and a friend of mine decided to pay the professor a visit and ask about the format. And painstakingly we visited her cabin and asked about the format. She explained us the format and just as we were about to turn around, she asked, “And what about the project?”

We both looked at each other trying to figure out about which project she was talking about. She continued, “I want someone to make some project. It can be any topic you want as long as you make it related to physics. It must be beautifully made and everything must be explained in layman’s terms because it is to be displayed in an exhibition. Blah…blah…blah”

She continued so long that we had no other choice but to accept the project. She persuaded us, I must say. We completed the project somehow, and went to her cabin with our well-made project. She scrutinized it with utmost diligence and told us to modify our project because it was too conceptual. We made it and remade it. And everytime she found one fault or the other. Everytime we went in there (the cabin, I mean), she used to explain this or that thing and waste fifteen to thirty minutes of our precious time.

At last, after about four or five times she at last approved our project. This time we quickly turned around and smashed (a little) the door of her cabin on our way out. Once we were out, I whispered to my friend, “I thought we’d never come back from that one!


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