Daily Prompt – You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

I’ll first of all investigate the history of the plot that was inadvertently assigned to me. Because in India, checking all plots before planning to build anything is a must. Who knows there might be a dead body buried in there after a murder case. Once I have checked it, I will inquire amongst the local realty offices about the future price of the plot (in case I want to sell it afterwards).

But now to the main point, what am I supposed to do with this plot of land given to me by WordPress. Ah yes, I could make a bungalow for myself and my family, but that would be to selfish of me, isn’t it? Then what should I do?

Well I know. Here there is a severe scarcity of playgrounds. Children and teens (including me) are forced to play on less frequented streets due to lack of plots containing green grass (you know what I mean). So its decided, I’ll be making a playground. Even though it would be small, it would at least support a soccer match (with a little audience).

So how did you like my plan? Will you come and play too?


3 thoughts on “Playground

    1. Development is taking place everywhere on the globe but no one cares to make playgrounds for normal people. They only make stadiums for large scale sports and totally I propose like us.

      I’m glad you read and understood the cause.



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