Flying a Kite

Daily Prompt – When was the last time you did something completely new and out of your element? How was it? Will you do it again?

One doesn’t do something new everyday. The last time I remember I did a new thing was quite a good number of years back.

In India there is a festival called “Makar Sankrati” which is also called as the festival of kites. People also distribute sweets among each other. But the kite competitions all across India are worth watching. Cutting each others’ kites’ ropes requires a lot of skill.

This aroused my interest in learning how to fly a kite. Unfortunately, there is no book called “Flying a Kite for Dummies” so I had to do it on my own. After the festival went by and the skies were clear of all kites I bought myself one and tried flying it on my terrace. For hours and hours I practiced but no luck.

I used to go out when the sun was shining but wasn’t able to fly the kite even after the sun went down. One day when the wind was blowing hard, I tried my luck and able to fly the kite in just about 5 minutes. Once you make the kite fly, keeping it in the air is easy. I flew it for about 1 hour and then went back home satisfied.

But high speed winds didn’t blow everyday and so I was again left on my own. Eventually, I gave up on flying it and now I just enjoy seeing those competitions in the air. Since the past few years the numbers of kites in the skies have reduced drastically. This year (the festival occurs in January), I didn’t see any more than just 10 kites. I think the people nowadays are too busy to fly their kites.


11 thoughts on “Flying a Kite

  1. At my home we always have a kite or two lying in some remote corner. My son was three when he came to Australia but throughout his primary as well as high school years,he has been very fond of kite flying. In his every trip to India, he would bring beautiful kites and practice. Here we also have a big annual festival of kite flying festival that is arranged by the Indo-Australians.
    See, your post brought back so many memories 🙂

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    1. No, I don’t think so. Because the movie you are talking about is mostly set in Afghanistan and I don’t know whether they celebrate this festival or not.

      P.S. I haven’t seen the movie. I just searched for it on Wikipedia and read it’s overview.


      1. Oh interesting. You know, I saw the movie a while ago and googled a bit before writing the comment to try and make sure that I wouldn’t totally embarrass myself by mistaking the locations but it looked like I ended up doing so anyway!! A lot of people enjoyed the movie here in America. Think it ended up with a lot of awards. Personally, I can’t remember if I liked it or not but I do know that it was well done.

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  2. Pity. Kite flying is an art. I remember when someone bought me a “battle” kite intended for competing in this kind of competition. Never quite got the hang of it, but it was fun trying — until the nearest tree ate it. You need room to fly the kites. Out over an ocean is great, but I’ve lost many kites which were too far away to reel them back home. Nice post and a good final wrap up.

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    1. Trees tend to eat your kites a little too easily. But my area doesn’t have many trees. It is a jungle, but a concrete one. So instead of trees the overhanging wires (telephone, electricity, internet, etc.) entangle the kites.

      Glad you liked my post! 🙂


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