Page Refresh in JavaScript

Refreshing a page from JavaScript is not used much but still it comes handy sometimes (like when you want to override all changes that your user has done in the page). I used to use it a few years ago when I didn’t knew anything about AJAX but now AJAX does everything. Still I thought about writing this down. Maybe it might help you (or even me in the decades to come, if ever I forget).

It is just a single line that does the job. Just type:

You assign the window’s location to itself which forces the browser to reload the page since it observes any changes made to the URL. In a function you might implement it like:

function doSomething() {
  // do something here which would eventually
  // require a full-page refresh

Done. But note one thing, everything you write after that refreshing line won’t be executed since the control will pass to the browser to reload the page. In other words, it is like a return statement of a function.


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