Thunder Snap

A snapshot from the thunderstorm.

Photo Challenge – This week, share a force of nature from your corner of the world.

Photo Challenge – This week’s theme: ephemeral. Show us your interpretation!.

Photo Challenge – What nocturnal photos do you like taking? Whether it’s a starry sky, a street lamp, or the shadows cast by your cat, share them with us. Your shot can be outdoors or indoors, blurry or crisp, overexposed or ominously dark. As every owl (and night owl) knows, night-time is when the real action starts.

One of the most deadly forces of nature. No one can survive that.

The black bars are my window grills. And as you can clearly see, the lightning crosses my grill (near the bottom of the photo) and comes right near the camera. You won’t believe this but even I didn’t believe when I looked at it first. Look more closely and you will notice. No photoshopping has been done.

This image is a snapshot from a video which I shot in 2013 monsoon in the full darkness of night.

P.S. This photograph is one of my favourites and one of my achievements. I have used this in three different photo challenges. You can see the links above.


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