A Government Officer’s Ego

A event that happened recently during my daily commute to my college. That event demonstrated the amount of ego the government officials carry with them.

ST bus
An MSRTC ordinary bus.

I travel daily in public transport buses which are as worse as you can imagine (picture attached). These buses were initially started to connect my city (the district headquarter) to all the nearby villages but eventually grew into a big network of transport throughout Mumbai. The manufacturers of the buses didn’t care in the least about its design and made anything that seemed fit. Well, that’s another story, back to the government official.

I reached my bus stop and after a wait of five minutes I boarded the bus, produced my daily pass and took a seat at the last. These buses have two doors, back door for entry and front door for exit. So I was very near to the entry door and I got the chance to see the action live.

At the next stop the bus got so crowded that there was no space for any more people but still people were pushing in. A man in his twenties was trying to push through the door crowd and just behind him another man was pushing him. That another man was a tall one and had a stout body. He had a dark complexion and wore a formal shirt and pant. The first man carried a bag and by the looks of him was a employee at some organization. The stout man yelled from behind and the show started.

“Are baba age ja na. Mai kya idhar hi latka rahunga kya?” Just move forward. I don’t want myself hanging at the door.

“Ja raha hu na. Itni bheed mein mai kya karu.” I’m going. In this crowd I can’t help it.

“Mar na dhakka sabko.” Then push everybody.

“Abe tere baap ka bus hai kya ki sabko dhakka maru.” Is this your father’s bus that I should push everyone.

“Mere se jhagda mat kar nahi to.” Don’t argue with me or else..

“Nahi to kya?” Or else what?

“Chal to phir niche utar aur baat kar na.” Then come down and let’s talk.

“Dekh, mere pass tere jaisa phaltu time nahi hai jhagda karne ko. Chup chaap chad nahi to piche se dusri bus lele.” See, I have no time to argue with you. Alight and board another bus.

“Mere se ulaj mat, mai ek government officer hu, tere ko jail ki hawa chakha sakta hu.” Don’t argue with me, I’m a government officer and I can make you taste the air of jail.

“Are agar tu government officer hai to itna udta kyu hai? Tere paas gaadi nahi hai kya? Bus mein kyu aata hai?” Even if you are a government officer, then why are showing it off, don’t you have your own car, why are you travelling in a bus?

“Jyada bol mat!” You are crossing your limit!

“Tu bhi bol mat jyada. Bus mein chadha hai to hum jaise travel karte waise hi kar. Ye jail-wail ke naam se humko dara mat.” Even you are crossing your limit. If you are traveling in a bus, travel like we do. Don’t scare people by telling them this jail thing.

Till now the other people were trying to calm those two down and at last the conductor scolded the common man and told him to step inside (he can’t scold the government officer since he can make him lose his job). Both of them calmed down and stepped inside, paid their tickets and travelled silently.

Later, when the officer alighted I heard the common man mutter loudly, “Subah-subah mood kharab kar diya.” Disturbed my mood early in the morning.

This is the way government officials with to much pride treat people like us and there is little we can do about it. Even if file a complaint, those officials will just never respond to them.

There are some points in between that I’m not able to remember. And yes, this act was entertaining to hear in Hindi, I translated it for everyone to understand.

It is very rare to see a common man argue with a government officer.— A common man

Photo courtesy: flickr.com


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