Video Conversion

Daily Prompt – Tell us about a conversation you couldn’t help but overhear and wish you hadn’t.

Me sitting in the bus heading towards my college and a stranger sitting besides me. The phone rings and the conversation starts. (Note that every other line is just my guess at what the guy on the other side might have asked).

“Yo! How are you?”
“Fine. What about you?”
“Nice. So how come you called me so early in the morning.”
“Nothing big. I just wanted to ask how do I convert a video file in my computer.”
“That isn’t a problem. Click the ‘Folder Options’ from the ‘Tools’ menu in your file explorer. Then navigate to the ‘View’ tab and down below you will see an option which says ‘Hide extensions for known file types’. Uncheck it and press ‘OK’.”

Until this point I thought, “What the hell is he talking about? What has extension visibility got to do with video conversion?”

Then he continued, “Then select your video file and press ‘F2’. Place your cursor at the last place and delete those few characters that are after the period symbol and instead insert the extension of your choice and press ‘Enter’. That’s it, video converted.”

And he hung up. I was flabbergasted and only one thought came to my mind, “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”

"I don't want to live on this planet anymore" meme.
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