Monsoon’s Teasing Us

July’s ending and still we haven’t got our proper dose of monsoon. Every year monsoon comes in full swing by July but this time it seems that it got lost somewhere in between. The weather is still like summer the only difference being that it’s more humid than summer. We always have humidity around 70-80% but it feels even more now.

What is happening now is that it rains in flashes. Not thunder flashes but five minutes of torrential rain and then total silence as if nothing happened. Seriously, what are you up to monsoon?

Maybe now people should realize how much pollution they are causing. Somewhere indirectly it is pollution that’s leading to all this climate change. I don’t think we’ll be seeing any monsoon in the coming decades.

To compliment this post, here’s a photograph of rain drops racing down my window.

Rain drops.
Rain drops racing down the window.

I wrote this draft last week but now it seems that the rains have actually started. It rains for long duration and the temperatures have gone down. But it can’t be said that it will continue to rain like this.

What about you, has monsoon reached your area?


9 thoughts on “Monsoon’s Teasing Us

  1. Okay this is crazy. I was wondering why you were not writing anything only to come here and find out and I’ve somehow unfollowed your blog -_- No idea how that happened.

    Anyway, superb shot!! As for monsoon, Chennai gets much of the rains in the retreating monsoon(Nov-Dec) but it’s been raining here since the past couple of days too. and already seeing the side-effects. Did not have power last night from 8PM to 2 AM midnight. Can you imagine! :O

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