WhatsApp newbie

I installed WhatsApp on my Windows phone two months ago due to the never ending requests by my friends for over a year. Last year when I started college I was the only one to not use WhatsApp. Despite all requests from my friends and classmates I resisted the idea of installing it. My perception of it was that it is a complete waste of time and internet.

Still my perception is the same. I had to install it just to stay up to date with everything that’s going on in the college. Mass bunks, submissions and assignment sharing are some of the most important things for which we use WhatsApp. It’s has integrated so much into our lives that without it people are virtually dead.

Previously, I used to do all the sharing stuff via email but now WhatsApp does that job. But I hate the limitation to upload only 10 photos at once, if done through the app. But if done from Windows phone’s sharing hub there’s no limit.

WhatsApp is a complete waste of time and I am sure at least 50% people would agree with me (if not, no offense please). But it is useful if you have got time to waste. And those damn read receipts, if I turn them off people say, “Why do you need so much privacy? Are you a celebrity or what?” And when I turn them on and read their messages but don’t reply, they are like, “Why don’t you reply to our messages? Are you a celebrity or what?” Sigh. These baseless remarks.

The advantage of WhatsApp to Indians is that it is free for lifetime unlike other countries where you have to pay a price per year. Maybe that’s because WhatsApp has majority of its users in India and the rate at which Indians create new WhatsApp accounts outnumbers all other countries. There are many of my friends who maintain two separate WhatsApp on two different phones. One for family and one for friends.

At college though, we constructively use WhatsApp. That is to keep each and everyone up to date to current events. Of course, I also use it to chat with friends (for what it was made in the first place).

Do you use WhatsApp? If yes, what are your thoughts on it? If no, why not give it a try?


One thought on “WhatsApp newbie

  1. I use WhatsApp and other messaging platforms like hike to chat with my friends who don’t live in my city.
    That’s what I like about WhatsApp, it enables you to talk to anybody, anywhere real-time without any cost (except the data charge of course).
    But what you said is also true, it’s a huge time eater. Every social platform that we use wastes our time one way or another.

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