Three pigeons sitting on a tree branch.

“Hey Dan, stay on the lookout. It seems that the crows are preparing for a fight.”

“Aye aye, captain.”

It attracted my attention when I heard those pigeons while I was the enjoying the serene atmosphere of the evening time on my terrace. I looked up and saw many crows circling above me and cawing. Could that be an omen? Nah. As I leaned on my terrace’s railings I saw these three pigeons on a branch of a tree right in front of me.

“Hey, it’s that human again. Why don’t they just leave us alone? We are preparing for a fight and they stand here to enjoy it. Tell me, Dan, is war enjoyable to watch?”

“Don’t know captain. Maybe they like seeing us fighting since it is very rare that we fight.”

They were standing at attention on that branch so I couldn’t resist the thought of clicking a photograph. I went inside to take my camera while I heard them saying,

“He’s going in. I know the humans these days. They don’t stop taking photos of us and uploading to their blogs. I’m sure he’ll bring his camera. Ah, there he is and look Dan, he’s got his camera.”

“Aye aye captain. But then why are we still standing here? Shouldn’t we fly away, I mean out of the range of its optical zoom?”

Even pigeons have got technical these days.

“Tell me, who doesn’t want to be famous? Thousands of people will see us and admire the courage with which we stand here ready for war!”

By this time, the cawing of the crows above me had increased tenfold. So I thought that it was time to go inside and let those pigeons to themselves.

There are so many pigeons in my area that sometimes it makes me wonder that someday the pigeon population will surpass the human population. Since a few months, I have started to see many crows in the area but still the pigeons’ reign hasn’t ended. I got this lucky chance to photograph these birds and that’s what I did. Thanks to my camera which luckily had enough battery left. I clicked nearly forty shots after which my camera’s juice ran out.


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