Football in India

Football has never received as much as attention or support as cricket in India. And ironically, our national sport is hockey! India’s cricket team is one of the best cricket teams in the world whereas India’s football team is quite below in FIFA rankings.

I like liked playing football but the problem is that we don’t have enough space where we could play a match. Wherever there are parks, there is always a drunken gardener who will kick you out saying that this is not a place to play football. There are grounds to play cricket but nowhere to play football.

So I spend time playing football virtually, that is, FIFA on my PC. But still that doesn’t give the real experience. After all, there is quite a difference in playing football with your hands rather than your feet.

But football is gaining popularity nowadays. There are always football discussions in my college and you can see a lot of club supporters wearing their kits. But the reality is that half of them are fake supporters (“plastic” we call them) and follow just because some particular club is famous and has a very high rate of winning (example, Real Madrid or Manchester United).

As far as my knowledge of Mumbai, I don’t know any authentic football stadium here. My college has a stadium of its own but it’s for cricket. During the Indian Super League, this stadium was made the home ground of Mumbai City FC. I wonder how they made a football pitch out of a cricket one.

I wonder whether India will qualify for the FIFA World Cup ever.

Well, those were my thoughts on a sport that is underrated in our country. Is there anything similar in your land?


One thought on “Football in India

  1. I think the reason why no other sport apart from cricket took off well in India is because Cricket is very economical to play. All you need is a bat and ball and two people and you can play it practically anywhere! Football needs a sizable ground, badminton needs a wind-free area, volleyball needs a net..and so on…
    But I do blame cricket and the cult status people give it for being the ultimate reason why India sucks at something like the Olympics.

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