Why Encryption Matters?

Encryption matters a lot when you have a lot of data on your devices and you simply don’t want to get robbed of it. Many people just neglect security, all they want is that their devices should work. Especially in India, people always have one response when asked about their smartphone’s security, “Who’s going to steal it? Don’t imagine things.” And the reality is that theives steal phones not because they want the data on it, but because they want the phone itself. The phone is more valuable than the data on it.

Since a few weeks, I’ve heard many reports of phones getting stolen in our college. And as a matter of fact, they were all high-end phones like, for example, the OnePlus One. And not even one phone has been found yet. *sigh*


4 thoughts on “Why Encryption Matters?

  1. Hmmm when someone talks about security they immediately think of internal security. thumb prints scans and pattern locks etc but what about the physical security? Are there features that prevent your phone from being stolen or even a way to track them if someone does?

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    1. You can use a smartwatch (like the Moto 360), which will alert you if your phone goes out of its connectivity range. That’s the best physical solution. And since you always wear a watch, it is impossible to steal.

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