Stray Dogs’ Logic

Stray dogs logic: They ignore you if you walk past them at normal speed. They bark at you if you walk past them too closely. They chase you to death (or rabies) if you run (or even jog at a slightly fast rate) past them.

The worst thing: There are a lot of them in my area and they seem to be multiplying.

I had a random thought and wrote this. People who don’t have animal control in their area can very easily relate to this. 😁


9 thoughts on “Stray Dogs’ Logic

  1. Lol… I can totally relate to your post. I have an irrational fear of dogs, which took its roots from a showdown between me and a gang of stray dogs ready to take me down when I was in middle school.
    When I was small, someone told me that when you see a dog and are frightened, some sort of chemical is released in your calf and the dogs being a dog, catches a whiff of that scent and chases you. I never verified the credibility of this scientific explanation of why the dogs always chase me and not my brother. But yeah, even today, whenever I see a rogue dog, I try to control the prickling sensation in my calf, trying my best to hide my fear πŸ™‚
    I guess there’s only one way to handle them, try to be as indifferent to them as they are to you… It works for me! And try not to be as paranoid as I am when it concerns to dogs.

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