10 Things I Hate

  1. People who like their own posts/statuses.
  2. People who try to click a photograph of me without my permission.
  3. People who say that they will bunk the lecture but return back secretly and attend after everyone else has escaped.
  4. When my backspace key gets stuck. You know what happens then.
  5. People who turn without giving turn indicators.
  6. And people who don’t turn on their headlights at night.
  7. People who purposely don’t sit for lectures and later on ask me to explain what was taught.
  8. People who don’t really do anything and like to take all credit to themselves (e.g. Professor Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets).
  9. When I don’t carry an umbrella with me thinking that it won’t rain but it rains and doesn’t wish to stop.
  10. And when I do carry an umbrella but it doesn’t rain.

15 thoughts on “10 Things I Hate

    1. Once I asked one of my friends why he liked his own photo on FB and he said, “Well, just to increase my like count!” Is Facebook all about gaining likes? It’s no more the social networking site that it used to be. Sad.

      Anyways, thanks for reading! 😁

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    1. The eighth one came about because of the project that we were asked to make and submit in the current term. And it was like, every team had just one person who was knowledgeable while the others just relied on him. The outcome, everybody got credit for the project that was made by just one.

      What I did was, well, I didn’t make any team at all. I was the one-man army! 😈

      Thanks for reading!

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        1. As long as you help with the project, it’s well and fine. But when you do nothing, it’s intolerable!

          And the worst part is that before demonstrating the project to the faculty, we have to explain them whatever we have done till so that they don’t stand dumb if the faculty asks them anything… 😓

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