Second Blogoversary

My blog finished two years on 19th of May. Yay! I didn’t even know that until WordPress sent me a notification saying “Happy Anniversary! You have completed two years on”.

I also wrote a post on my first anniversary, you can read it here. You can read why I started blogging and how my blogging experience has been in that post. It has been the same this year too so I wouldn’t be repeating those lines 😛. I also wrote a haiku on the first blogoversary, so I’ll do it again but a bit different:

One plus one makes two
Blogging on WP is fun
I’ll keep writing

Curse me if you found that one bad (and tell me in the comments so I know).

Now to the current events. I don’t care about anything except the heat of this summer. Of all the summers I’ve experienced, I must say, this one is the most harsh. This previous week was the most hot and humid. Temperatures didn’t top off at 40 °C but it felt like 45 °C just because of the extreme humidity. If you live (or have lived) near coastal areas you might know to what effect the humidity can affect the temperature (and our experience). When I’m at home, I never go out of the fan’s air flow radius. If I do, sweating starts.

To add to my distress, there’s my end of semester exams going on now. We have one exam per week. The problem of these exams are not just the humongous amount of study that we have to do, but the timing of the exams. All exams are held at 3:00 in the afternoon. The time when the atmosphere is hottest (I feel like that) and hot winds are blowing hard. Reaching the examination hall is the biggest challenge. Furthermore, you are doomed if you don’t get a seat right below the ceiling fan 😫. You lose the essence of writing the exam.

Is it summer in your country too? If yes, then how are you fighting it? If no, then… well… you are lucky 😅.


4 thoughts on “Second Blogoversary

  1. What coincidence bro. It is summer in my country too!! :’)
    Yes, this year has been the worst. I can’t even imagine to be anywhere but indoors after 10 AM. But we did have occasional summer showers which cooled down the temperature for a few days. Global heating, yo.
    And oh, happy blogiversary!!!

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