Pokemon Go!

Everywhere I go, I see people playing Pokémon Go.

My friends from college are roaming all around Mumbai just to catch a bunch of hard-to-find Pokémon. My opinion is that, there is no better time to stop playing Pokémon Go than now. It is just wastage of time and might someday lead to your death (just imagining the worst case scenario). There have already been many cases involving death because of Pokémon Go. Don’t get me wrong, I admit that the game is good, it makes you exercise and fulfills your childhood dream of catching Pokemon but if you really want to workout, you can, well, just workout.

I read an article on TheNextWeb by Juan Bius with which I perfectly agree with. I can’t imagine how people get time to play it when they are busy with other important stuff in their life. My classmates bunk lectures and go on PokeWalks, all of them have their phones in their hands at all times. They say, “I can’t waste the steps that I’m walking now.” I think people are playing not to fulfill their dreams of catching Pokémon but rather to show their friends what rare Pokémon they have caught. I’m saying this from what I see everyday.

Some even use apps like FakeGPS or some sort of hack to trick your phone’s GPS to believe it’s at Times Square while you are just lying on your couch. When you use apps like those, the game loses its essence. You should read the article that I read and maybe you’ll better understand. No offense.

Why you should delete Pokémon Go right now on TheNextWeb.

Do you play Pokémon Go? If yes, how do you make time for it? Do you procrastinate your other work to catch some Pokémon or you just have a lot of free time with you? If you don’t play, I would recommend you not to start.


11 thoughts on “Pokemon Go!

  1. I am a massive fan of Pokémon 🙂 But I love the app because there is a particular thrill from collecting different Pokémon like how people like to collect other things like action figures. But I like how the game requires little effort or commitment to play, at least the way I do it. I just open the app every one hour or so where ever I am to check and then close it. I don’t really walk around for them only while staring at my phone, I keep the app open in mg pocket while walking and if there is a Pokemon, my phone will vibrate to alert me. So people need to find a way to interact with the app in a way that doesn’t interfere with their social interactions and lifestyles

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