Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all the Indians out there. For engineers like me, Independence Day is not just about the freedom of the country but also, to some extent, freedom from college. Majority of Indian festivals and holidays occur after the Independence Day so we always have one, two or sometimes three holidays in a week.

One might say that we have a kind of broken vacation. Holidays are spread here and there. Today’s Independence Day. After two days, it’s Parsi New Year, which is a holiday. Then we have Rakshabandhan, which might or might not be a holiday. Then after a few days, comes Ganesh Chaturthi which is yet another season of holidays.

Every college student has this mentality that if two out of the five workdays are holidays then the remaining three are too. We enjoy a full week vacation and may continue it to the next week if the same condition arises. When we are asked about why didn’t we come to college on those three days, we just say that the we were preparing for the events of the remaining two days 😅. All festivals here require lot of preparations. Even the teachers know about this habit of ours and they don’t even bother to ask.

This week we have two holidays. But the problem for me is that I have exams on the remaining three days, so I have no option but to go. While my friends who are in other colleges are going to enjoy this fragmented vacation 😩.

15th August is the start of the festive season which goes until Diwali. That is, till October or November depending in which month we celebrate Diwali. So to all the engineers out there, happy Independence Day! 🙌


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