Random Thoughts

Do you do something just because everybody else does it? Like watching a television show that your friends are watching just so because you aren’t left out of their conversation?

If yes, then are you satisfied with it? If again yes, I won’t bug you any further. But if you are not, why do you still keep doing it? That just means taking part in a race with others where everybody wants to be as ahead of everybody else and no one wants to be left out.

I do things at my own pace. No matter how much my friends persuade me to watch or read something, I’ll do it only when I find some interest in it or I feel like watching/reading it.

If you are following the buzz, you’ll just irritated whenever somebody spoils something for you just because they watched something hours (or minutes) before you did.

If I started doing things that everybody else did, it will just get me stressed out trying to make out time for doing that thing. And ultimately wasting time that I could have used to have done something more important.

So I suggest that you do things that you like and not things that others like. Or if you want to stay in the buzz, then go ahead and watch the latest episode of whatever T.V. show that you (and your friends) are watching.

Peace. ✌️


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