If you observe today’s teens you’ll see that most of them are always in a hurry. Hurry to reach their lectures on time, hurry to finish their work (and do it clumsily as a result), hurry to be everywhere. They have little or no moment of respite. They are always engaged in some or the other activity. Always doing a activity means you are productive, I agree with that, but sometimes you just have to sit back and relax.

One thing I’ve constantly noticed among teens roaming around or in college is that they always have their headphones on. Many times, I see them fiddling with their tangled headphones. Not those who use wireless ones, they rather go through the problems of pairing their headphones.

Their life is as tangled as their headphones.

When I occasionally travel by train or bus, I see them tapping their fingers to the beat of the music. Personally, I’ve stopped listening to music when I’m outdoors. I just hear the ambiance and observe people and surroundings. But one thing headphones are useful for in trains and buses is that you’ll know if your phone is pickpocketed. If your music stops, your phone’s gone. A very simple security mechanism.

It is also a lifesaver for those who stand at the doors of suburban local trains. Suppose, you are at the door (this happened with a friend of mine) and you are using your phone (most probably chatting). It slips from your grasp and for a split-second, you think your phone’s gone but then it hangs by the headphones’ wire and you are like, “Phew! 😌” Strictly not applicable to people who use wireless ones 😛.


3 thoughts on “Headphones

  1. People ask me why I don’t listen to music during my (hour and a half) long commute.
    I don’t really have a good answer. Maybe because I enjoy music in some particular
    settings, train commute is not one of them.
    I rather sit idle, look around and somehow pass the time.

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